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M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) - Weltanschauung

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Rotorelief ROTOR0037-C
Release Year: 2013
Note: material from 1981 recorded for COME Org. and released as LEIBSTANDARTE SS MM in 1982 (one of the most requested M.B. albums ever), now with one replaced different track, re-mastered by CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME)....brown vinyl edition, lim. 333, luxurious cover
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"At the beginning of 1981 Maurizio Bianchi sent some demo tapes to the Come Organisation in England; after that, they extracted and blended together the sounds to get the final work.

The title Under The Victory Banner , an anachronistic and detrimental track for the rest of the album has been replaced by the title of the same set Plutoniumetrio edited in 1982 by the Come Organisation for the compilation Fr Ilse Koch , which fits much better with the other tracks.

The Come Organisation was a record label founded in London in 1979 by William Bennett, initially as a vehicle for his group Come, and later to specialise in extreme electronic or controversial music, in particular for his subsequent group Whitehouse, but also for other groups including Maurizio Bianchi, Nurse with wound or Charles Manson. When Whitehouse went on hiatus at the end of 1985, Come Organisation was dissolved." [label info]


Weltanschauung was first released by William Bennett's Come Organisation in 1982, with Bennett changing MB's nom de plume to Leibstandarte SS MB. These recordings have long been controversial, given that one of the tracks overlayed Third Reich speeches on top of Bianchi's wall of noise, although both Bennett and Bianchi denied responsibility for having done so. Bianchi's frigid electronic orchestrations drip with sinister echoes of bone-chilling vibrations, throbbing rhythms, deranged anti-melodies, and horrifying atmospheres. For this reissue on Rotorelief, Bianchi has replaced the offending track from the Come Organisation original with the thoroughly grim track "Plutometrio" recorded during the same sessions, sans the Nazi speechifying. Such additions were unnecessary in the first place (whoever was to blame), and Weltanschauung is much better off without them.
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