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HELM - Silencer

Format: mini-LP
Label & Cat.Number: PAN Records PAN 43 / Alter ALT11
Release Year: 2013
Note: long play 12" by this London-based project with four new tracks using lots of subtle & droney percussion....comes in the typical artful silkscreened pvc sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"Luke Youngers PAN debut Impossible Symmetry was a clear highlight of last years experimental crop, and with its airy blend of noise, drone and psychedelia summed up to many listeners exactly what had been missing from the scene for so long.

Now Younger is set to return with a brand new Helm 12″, and it looks to capitalize on his new found notoriety and the worldwide appreciation for his earth-shaking live performances. Silencer is a split release between PAN and Youngers own Alter imprint, and explores markedly different territory from its predecessor, welding together collapsing acoustic drum rhythms with squealing oscillator blasts and ominous chimes." [label info]


"Luke Younger aka Helm follows-up last year's widely acclaimed 'Impossible Symmetry' album with four tracks of eldritch electronics and cranky drums crafted in its wake. Helm's rhythmic tracks have always struck us most, so its to our dark pleasure that he's worked further on that tilt with 'Silencer', conjuring alchemical reactions between autistic, brittle-boned percussions and uncompromisingly noxious atmospheres which make most other "dark"-dwelling artists seem pseudo in comparison. Informed by a taste for the most decrepit, cruddy tone and poised with a steadfast, stare-down glower, he hoofs clods of flinty drums comparable with the recent Wolf Eyes sound against oppressive atmospheres redolent of Kevin Drumm's 'Imperial Distortion' on 'Silencer', and slowly sinks into boggy marshland ambience under the peal of sustained foghorn brass performed by John Hannon ov Liberez in 'Mirrored Palms'. Flipside, 'Bergamo' inhabits a claggy tunnel of effluent, roiling drums and marrow-freezing atmospheres, and our favourite, 'The Haze' epitomises the EP's strange sense of detachment with insectoid, mechanical percussions and field recordings diffused to a visceral yet spacious sort of para-dimensional dread. You're best seeing this EP as a companion piece to 'Impossible Symmetry', - it's just as heavy and equally frightening." [Boomkat]