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TROUM - Syzygie

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring Records CSR183CD
Release Year: 2013
Note: a collection of nine rare tracks from lost & deleted compilations, recorded 1999-2002, the follower to 'Symballein' (2010) => "unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak"; stunning cover-artwork by ABBY HELASDOTTIR (GYDJA), re-mastering by MARTIN BOWES (ATTRITION); edition of 1000 copies
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"Formed by Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] in 1997, Troum rose from the ashes of Maeror Tri. The duo create unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak.

Syzygie: Zusammenkunft und Gegenschein zweier Planeten, or: an antithetic relationship between (personified) beings of the spiritual world and their shadows.

A collection of rare / deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded by TROUM between November 1999 and May 2002 on analogue 8-track. 9 meticulously crafted tracks, carefully compiled by Troum and delicately remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition).

Cold Spring will release the brand new studio album from Troum in 2014.

Track listing:

1. Ater
2. Makaria
3. Ganymed
4. Fantauma
5. Uegh[Cunabula]
6. Sengourdir
7. Khan-Arachnid
8. Wit Wists Fra-Qistjan
9. Thrausmata Enos Oneirou" [label info]


"Troum is a joint venture between two members of the well-acclaimed project Maeror Tri. In 1997 the two members Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] introduced the Troum project. Troum takes its starting point in atmospheric drones and multi-layered noise woven into an alluring sound texture. Present album titled "Szygie" is a collection of rare / deleted tracks recorded by Troum in the period November 1999 to May 2002. That "Szygie" is a compilation of tracks taken from different periods of the lifetime of Troum becomes clear as you listen to the varied expressions throughout the runtime. The expressions spans from industrial-based ambient across orchestral ambient and deep ambient to more threatening sound art. The album opens in orchestral based dark ambient. Grandiose soundscapes of melancholy drifts upon the listener from beginning. As the album continues the expression turns into beautiful moments of deep ambient resulting in hypnotic and well accomplished tripping ambient. Moments after the album takes a new step into territories of concrete noise and voices whispering in the background to add a great feeling of dream or nightmare depending on the nature of the listener. Despite the great variation in the ambient expression throughout "Szygie", the album works really well as an entire work. Everyone interested in ambient music or dying for a trip into dark hypnosis should definitely check this out." [NM, Vital Weekly]