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CLADE, - Holonic Sadism

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Clade (self-released)
Release Year: 2013
Note: second album for this promising drone-newcomer from Scotland, infinite drone-rays & landscapes with a philosophic inspiration, dark & shimmering at the same time.... lim. 100 handmade silkscreen-printed covers that are closed by crepe-paper & sealed with way... highly recommended again !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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limited edition compact disc.
screen printed on 4 panel 375GSM stock, hand-assembled, bound in crepe and sealed, edition of 100.

"the self can never be completely represented in its own awareness, nor can its actions be completely predicted by any conceivable information-processing device. both attempts lead to infinite regress." [website info]

"It's been a while since the first release by Clade, which was reviewed in Vital Weekly 821. Clade is from Oklahoma, but it says in the information that the recordings were made in 2010 in Chicago, and 'we apologize for the delay'. Perhaps Clade was on tour, and they stayed for a couple of days in Chicago, since the tracks are called 'Thursday III' and via Friday ends with 'Saturday III (Long)'. I am not sure, but I guess that they record this music also in one take, just like the previous release and that the instruments are still lots of guitars and electronics. Clade plays drone music, but there is a bit of difference with the previous release. Whereas then we found traces of noise/drone metal, that seems to be have disappeared here. The mood in these seven tracks is very subdued, calm and highly atmospheric. It's a wall of sound, but then of a relaxing nature, introspective. More Troum than Earth, if you catch my drift. It's however still not the most varied release that you could imagine, but these seven pieces, spanning some forty-eight minutes, are clearly various shades of the same color, and not many colors. The previous encouraged 'chemical accompaniment' - although not required - but then the forceful character of the music may have caused some damage. You'd better save those chemicals for this one, as this is the perfect music for such chemical enhancement. I thought this was the better release of the two I heard so far and I would certainly hope they would continue to explore these roads further." [FdW/Vital Weekly]