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CRISTAL - Homegoing

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hand-Held Recordings HHR03
Release Year: 2013
Note: second album by this project from (ex) members of LABRADFORD, SPOKANE and AIX EM KLEMM, experimental, subaquatic ambient drones comparable to BIOSPHERE, DEATHPROD or the late ZOVIET FRANCE (says the label), incl. remix by PAN AMERICAN; on the AKATOMBO label from Japan
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"J. Anthony, G. Darden and R. Donne (Labradford, Spokane, ex-Aix Em Klemm) journey through simmering electronic, wide-screen vistas to seismic, swelling and undulating soundscapes. From the shifting-sand textures of Yoke (replete with deeply moving, melancholic cello sifting through the ether) and Streaming Wisdom, to the ever-so-slightly somber tones of Dead Bird, Homegoing is a wondrously thought-provoking, uplifting aural adventurea technicolor travelogue of things possibly lost, possibly not. File alongside latter-day Biosphere, Deathprod (especially both Helge Sten and Cristals attention to the minutest sonic detail), and the later, electronically based Zoviet France releases. Pour a glass of your finest tipple, sit back and be transported to a very special dimension. Cristals Homegoing has it all, and more." [label info]

Ultra-deep ambience, a sound both subterranean and subaquatic, metallic shimmering high-end washes over everything like some sort of alien sheen, fields of glistening, cricket-like chitter adds texture to otherwise slow, shifting, smooth expanses of warm soft swirl, dreamy and ethereal." [Aquarius Records]