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HEINZE, STEFAN - Pzzt 1982 1983

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Das Andere Selbst 014
Release Year: 2013
Note: early home recordings by STEFAN HEINZE (aka INOX KAPELL) before he worked with NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE; C-40 .. obscure experiments from the early cassette-days with drum-box & synths, industrial pop & experimental synth-waves,the true sound of the early 80's.... lim. 50 copies
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"Stefan Heinze PZZT 1982/1983
c-40 d.a.s. 014 2013 50 copies artwork eliab

Inox Kapell did under his born-name Stefan Heinze some different tapes in the early 80th, industrialpopique and wired stuff with sprechgesang and singing and instrumental waves, electronic-fluxus, glitsches, and early angst-pop. The tape is a selection of some songs that came out of this period of tonband, tape-recorder, organ and synths, panasonic-loop-tapes. All recorded in Collinghorst / Eastfrisia /north-Germany.

listen: http://dasandereselbst.org/listen/heinze_pzzt/heinze_pzzt.htm" [label info]