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VILLENA, CARLOS - Els Humans Tambe Som Carn

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Mantricum Records mantricum 025
Release Year: 2012
Note: three long tracks by the Spanish "pure sound" newcomer, very deep / hazy / extramundane drones & near-silence atmospheres... for fans of FRANSCISCO LOPEZ a must ! lim. 100
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More Info

"Carlos Villena in Spain for years makes noise and dark-ambient music, released on his own label Mantricum and on other labels as well. Often he seeks cooperation with other musicians and proposes a split release together and connect with his music of the other musician. His latest solo-release "Els humans tamb som carn" on Mantricum and is dedicated to animals. The music is very dark and threatening to call with continuous dark layers and slow changes in tone. The first track has some clear tones of processed sounds of crickets. The second track with a length of around twenty minutes is minimal and is slowly broken by carved long scream of a man. It has the feel of an abandoned slaughterhouse where the spirits of killed animals still roam. The last song begins with a more open in terms of tones, but also goes quickly through the dark under layers in the music. "Els humans tamb som carn" is
not a optimistic record at all. A part of animal rights activists mean that humans
are equivalent to animals and in that sense are humans mea as well. In this case I can
imagine, that record is dark I you know what is happening to animals and humans who live and die in captivity." [JKH/Vital Weekly]