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ENTRELACS - Underleaf

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Semperflorens SF08
Release Year: 2012
Note: re-issue of the one and only album (CD-R, 2002) by this project formed by YANNICK DAUBY & MICHAEL NORTHAM, who also had a 7" in the Drone Rec. series => magic concretism from whispering leaves & trees, interwoven with gong drones and metallic hissing.. very nice... comes in DVD-box, lim.
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"Erste Verffentlichung des Projekts von YANNICK DAUBY und MICHAEL NORTHAM: magischer Konkretismus von flsternden Blttern und sten, die sich mit sanften Gong-Drones und Metallrauschen verknpfen." [old Drone Rec. info]

"A project that was formed by Michael Northam & Yannick Dauby in 2003 and put out only 2 releases: "Underleaf" CDR on Italian label S'agita Recordings and "Cynorrodhon" 7" single on Drone Records. This CD is a reissue of "Underleaf". Sound sources are a walk along a fallen tree in Corbet, Oregon and a conversation with found objects in Paris, France." [label info]


"Entrelacs is the sporadically operational collaboration between longtime aQ fave eco-dronologist Michael Northam and phonographer Yannick Dauby, as Northam is perpetually wandering back and forth between North America and Europe, and with Dauby residing in Taiwan. These recordings actually date back to 2003, made "along a fallen tree in Courbet, Oregon and [at] a conversation with found objects in Paris." The Entrelacs project begins with the collection of found objects, continues through the manifestation of tactile sounds from those objects aided by some use of digital manipulation, and concludes when the objects are returned from where they were found. This lends itself well to the discovery of previously unknown sounds in new regions, especially when these two would perform live. On their website, they site an impressive array of atypical sound making devices that would give Matmos more than a few good ideas for their electro-acoustic madness. Amplified chimney sweeps, bowed escargot, obsidian shards, dried chardons, and needles piercing leaves are just a few of the more interesting ones. We're very curious to know where those bowed snails are in the mix! Underleaf unfurls slowly through a slow crunching of organic materials occasionally jolted with the sharp tinkling of what must be those obsidian fragments. Aggregated masses of those textures blossom throughout the 49 minute track in blurry drones that settle in the background of those tactile sounds, eventually giving way to a bowed metal chorale near the 30 minute mark that has all the right Organum / Andrew Chalk references." [Aquarius Records SF]