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VIVENZA - Veriti Plastici

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Rotorelief ROTOR0029
Release Year: 2012
Note: third part of the first works of VIVENZA (originally MC from 1983), based on the theory of RUSSOLO's bruitism; comes with text "LE PROGRAMME FUTURISTE DE RETOUR A LA REALITE MATERIELLE"; this luxus LP re-edition (very thick oversized cover) in white or red vinyl, numbered ed. 333 copies
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"Veriti Plastici, the third part of the first works of Vivenza, recorded and completed in 1983, represents a fundamental step in the definitive formalisation of the bruitist sonorous views. Made of very objective industrial atmospheres, this recording will be the bridge between the pure experimental approach, and the rigorous structuring of the works that will be produced later (Fondements Bruitistes - 1984, Ralits Servomcaniques - 1985, Machines - 1985, etc.). The release of Veriti Plastici was accompanied by a text : LE PROGRAMME FUTURISTE DE RETOUR A LA REALITE MATERIELLE, clearly describing the principles defining the theory of bruitism. It was declared : 'Luigi Russolo will advocate the use of real noises to take us in the organic participation of existential dynamism, and to do so had to be developped : ' the understanding, the taste and the passion for noises ' ; and moving from the eye which presided at the expression of the futurist idea through painting that riveted the mind on a reductive image on a space point of view, to the ear offering a scope of sonorous expansion open on the infinite : ' our multiplied sensibility, after using futurist eyes, will have futurist ears '. (L. Russolo, l'Art des bruits, Milan, 1913)." [label info]