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WATERCOLOURED WELL - Arsonist's Rebirthday Audition

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision (mv42)
Release Year: 2012
Note: 8 people experimental / post-industrial / impro ensemble from Germany with debut-album, feat. MR. EBU and RONNIE OLIVERAS (DATASHOCK), recorded in Mainz in January 2011 (Walpodenakademie)
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"This is debut album of the german band consisting of various artists who are involved into the experimental music scene since 80s, each one is quite well known through own activity, but for this album, they gathered altogether for the first time. Seven improvised tracks are recorded in the best way of post-industrial jam sessions of the past.

Release date is 10th June 2012. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase."


"The album "Arsonists Rebirthday Audition" Water Coloured Well is of one different order. Originally from Germany, but with another musical intent. Seven musicians and a visual artist came together in the Walpodenakademie in Mainz and went together to work without rules and without purpose. The result are seven improvisations and some drawings.Also here the musicians do not play over the top and are inspired by the multitude of angles and sound capabilities and achieve a surreal atmosphere. The drawings of Barbara Rssler are dynamically and related to the underwater life and not earthly. The music has the same intension. Not of this earth, but somewhere far away, where people are free to make music as they want. Two beautiful releases, highly recommended." [JKH/Vital Weekly]