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TBC - Insecta: The Birth of Gods

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision (mv41)
Release Year: 2012
Note: debut full-length CD by TBC on the high-class MONOCHROME VISION label from Moscow - "modern mythology" (c)old school noise drone (using old analog synths), raw & low-fi & distorted, but also authentic & full of tension & with true underground spirit....
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"This is the debut full-length CD by Thomas Beck solo project - raw and noisy soundscape inspired by the kind of the modern mythology, showing his perfect skills in uncommon treatment of synthetic sounds, samples and field recordings, after numerous small run works, different collaborations with other artists and other activity.

Release date is 10th June 2012. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase."


"The Russian label Monochrome Vision brings since 2004 music from classics of experimental electronic music world, such as Le Syndicat, Francisco Lopez, Asmus Tit Chen, Freiband and Arcane Device. TBC and Coloured Water Well take care of the last two releases. TBC is a project of the German Thomas Beck. Since the 80s he has been active and started in the tape and international mail art network. He made radio, runs a DIY label, created a meeting for musicians and mail-music projects with Brume, and Das Synthetic Mischgewebe. And for now he releases his first full-length solo album. In four songs he takes us in his electronic world where minimal noise slowly changed into a white noise. In that the sound does not change, but due to the slow development. By the subtlety of the noise, which originates by sounds of nature and by samplers and synthesizers, the noise is not overwhelming. The Birth of God: Insecta is a wonderful album and an ode to the noise that nature knows it." [JKH/Vital WEekly]