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ERIK M (eRikm) - Transfall

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Room40 RM 449
Release Year: 2012
Note: collection of six works by the highly idiosyncratic french musique concrete composer, incl. the epic AUSTRAL; very challenging & demanding compositions, dense & suspenseful, using ensemble/instrumental sounds & field recordings
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"eRikm's Transfall is a document of profound gesture. A collection of works that resolve his recent explorations into music and sound for performance, dance and theatre. For almost two decades, eRikm has been a major force in contemporary musique concrte. He is a compelling improviser and forthright composer whose work taps into the central linage of sound-object oriented composition emanating from France. Developing a highly personal performance and compositional language, eRikm's reputation and position within the emergent generation of concrte composers had led to numerous collaborations with icons such as Luc Ferrari (Room40 issued Les Protorythmiques in 2007). Transfall is an archive of six works linked through new developments in eRikm's compositional philosophies. He notes : 'The time spent on the composition of some of these pieces gave me the possibility to 'break out', that is to get out of my usual processes of 'degeneration/generation' of a body or of a multiplicity of 'pre-existing sound objects'. Thus my gesture shifted, I have looked for and recorded my own sound materials.' When heard collectively, these compositions take on a presence much more than the sum of their parts. They collect unconventional approaches from an artist whose compositional methodologies are already deeply rooted in experimental traditions. The resulting pieces, and the album as a whole, represent one of eRikm's most personal and resolved works to date. A vision of future explorations mounted within a frame of the artists' previous sonic understandings." [label info]


"The other new release is 'Transfall' by erikM, of whom I never seem to know if he's a composer or an improviser, or both. No doubt, the latter. The six pieces on his latest CD are not new. They were recorded between 2004 and 2009 and found their way to compilations, dance pieces or commissioned by an ensemble. The latter is the longest and opens the CD, and has erikM playing electronics and CD player and the ensemble playing harp, clarinets, flutes, cello and percussion. This is a piece in the best modern classic tradition, but despite reservations I may have against modern classical music, I think 'Astral' is a great piece. Partly filled with nasty electronic sounds, and partly what seems at times acoustic instruments, reminding me of the best Zeitkratzer pieces. The other five pieces are much shorter and see erikM working with electronics and field recordings. Here we find him as a more traditional composer of musique concrete, in some excellent short, concise pieces with great style. Full of tension, great compositional style and evocative, these are excellent pieces." [FdW/Vital Weekly]