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VELEZ, DAVID - Sonido Descompuesto

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U10
Release Year: 2012
Note: DAVID VELEZ captures the "psychogeography" of a certain countryside landscape in Columbia, with an interesting mix of hazy slow-drones & more concrete elemental sounds, melting daydreamlike acoustics from natural, human and animal sources... fabric-pressed CD, numbered ed. 200 copies, in the typical artwork-style (beautiful patterns from nature & natural objects) of Daniel Crokaert
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More Info

On January of 2011 I visited Las Margaritas a farm where my aunt and uncle have a country house, crops and some cattle too. The land is located between the towns of Briceo and Zipaquira and for a few days I stayed there and dedicated mostly to capture sounds.
The diversity of objects and landscapes there was incredible rich: the river Neusa passes near by so there is water running everywhere acquiring different sonorities through different points. They were also farmers playing acoustic guitar and old vinyls being played in the house. The different agricultural activities, the animals, the chimneys combustion, the bugs, the old tractors, the construction work around the farm, the many wind mobiles, they all had beautiful sonorities. There is also a forest close to the farm filled with what seemed like phosphorescent moss: the space is obscured by the many trees but a green light comes off the floor: the place was particularly silent and quiet sounding. Overall I just had incredible sounds everywhere and plenty of time to record them. With the sounds captured I first worked on a an improvisational piece (#0) that later would be edited (#1). Then I composed a series of short fragments (a, b, c, d). #1 was then put together with a, b, c, d on a second edit (#2). The second edit was then split into small fragments (#2/8) and rearranged intuitively (#3). #3 is Sonido descompuesto (Decomposed sound). (David Velez)