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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Fylkingen Records FYLP 1031
Release Year: 1986
Note: three challenging & ultra dynamic electroacoustic pieces by this Swedish composer: SEKVENS I BLATT (1978), DAGBROTT (1983), and the 3 x 7min parts of TNT on side B (1985) that can be played simultaneously - the three pieces are cut parallel next to each other, not sequentially !! Last NEW copies of this classic in stock !!
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Rolf Enstrm can look back on a fifteen year period as a composer. His list of works includes a number of very carefully crafted compositions of high artistic quality. Several of his works have become "classics"; one thinks especially of "Directions" (1979) and "Final Curses" (1981).

Rolf Enstrm is a composer who unceasingly seeks new artistic paths and new means of expression and this is something which has led him to combine music with other art forms, primarily the visual arts and literature. On this record, we meet Enstrm as a composer of pure electroacoustic music. The three works Dagbrott, Sekvens i bltt and TNT span a period of eight years.

"Sekvens i bltt"
"TNT - Tnal - Nagual - Tsentsaks"

- FYLP 1031, 1986