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UEDINENIYA - Red Meridian

Format: CD + SVCD
Label & Cat.Number: 7Hz Publishing / Vegvisir
Release Year: 2011
Note: Russian newcomer who created an isolationism drone soundtrack to icy Arktika oceanscapes, a support for the 8mm films from last century on the first Arktika's icebreakers travelling through endless cold atmospheres.. (on the VideoCD) - lim. 200 with postcards
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

More Info

"Uedineniya is a one-man project by Alexander Elin (the doctor by a trade) from forests of Tambov, Russia. Uedineniya is not the first project by the author but its the first project which has level with the physical carrier. The genre can be characterized as dark / drone ambient with big experimental and isolating elements.

The author speaks the album is a musical support for the 8mm-record with videomaterials of travels on the first Arktikas series icebreakers were born at the middle of the twentieth century. This record has been found in the garage of the Alexandrs relative (the former seaman and polar explorer) Sergey Borisov.

The main idea of this album is making the atmosphere of infinite cold and very long days during travels in ices, to remind listeners about places where life and short stay are very dangerous for people. For this reason the album has been named Красный Меридиан (eng. red meridian) dangerous line, the place for strong spirit people capable on heroically acts.

Uedineniya Island located in the central part of Kara Sea, the project has been named by it. The island has been discovered by the Norwegian explorer captain Edvard Johannesen during travel by schooner Nordland at the 26th of August 1878. The captain gave the name Ensomheden for this island. Russian flag has been lifted above island in 1915 by Otto Sverdrup during expedition on the Eclipse bark. Later, on September 7 1934, polar station on island have been based by expedition on Sadko (captain: A.K.Burke) and Yermak icebreakers. This station worked till 1996." [label info]