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ZENIAL - Connection Reset by Peer

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 027-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: first album after many years for this important figure (ZENIAL = LUKASZ SZALANKIEWICZ) of Polish experimental / electronic scene; often rhythmic & rough but well structured, using radio feedback & electromagnetic field sounds.. still to discover !
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"It's Zenial's first album in 6 years, and it shows his creativity in the context of live activity. It does not mean that 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a live album as such. Yes, the source material for the record was recorded live during sonic experiments and creating sound installations over the past few years. The album is not a compilation though-it's a well-weighed entity, thematically and sonically coherent. 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a result of interferences of environment sounds based to a large extent on electricity, radio feedback, electromagnetic field sounds emitted by current generators and elements of the so-called field recordings." [label info]


"After six years Zenial, also known as Lukasz Szakankiewicz, returns with a release. Apparently he was occupied with playing live music in between, bringing him all of the world, even into Peru, Ecuador, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan. The four pieces on this new CD deal with works that were recorded over the past few years, live in concert or from sound installations. Zenial uses environmental sounds, but mainly those which deal with electricity, radio feedback and electromagnetic fields. Music which is entirely different than the one produced by Inner Vision Laboratory. Music that owes equal portions to musique concrete, noise and microsound, not necessarily in that order. This is where I think noise is interesting. Things buzz, crackle, hiss and form long wave sine tones, radio interceptions, stuck together in an interesting collage of sound. It reminds me of the work of Francisco Meirino with some minor differences. Zenial is through a bit louder on an overall level and is therefora little less dynamic. Also more than Meirino does, Zenial works with computer treatments and not straight with the sound material itself. Quite a loud release but one that works pretty well. For the strict lovers of noise probably too intelligent and perhaps that's why I quite enjoy it. The most curious thing is probably the inclusion of a remix by Michel Banabila, from The Netherlands. Best known for his (fourth) world music, but here he proofs he knows his way around with more abstract material, although far away, an ethnic influence can be heard. Maybe working on a new career as a remixer? It fits well here." [FdW/Vital Weekly]