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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Still'Sleep 16CD / Observatoire Obs* 028
Release Year: 2011
Note: the very first "fabric pressed" CD-release for this great Russian label; SERGEY SUHOVIC - man behind the label - is also FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC and a part of EXIT IN GREY; for this CD he recorded material in different industrial areas of Moscow, which are combined with SHAPOVALOVs sounds from natural materials (metal, glass, wood); foggy night-drones & overtuned machine-hummings, sensitive and lonely... great album ! Lim. 500
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"Record of this disc has been made during 2010,2011. The material of Moscow region project Five Elements Music is used as a basis. The record was made at night in different industrial areas of town. In this collaboration F.E.M. goes ahead with its field recordings line. Denis Shapovalov (adriva) finds his sound recovery from natural materials metal, glass, wood One cannot find synths in this disc, however, naturalistic sticky pseudo-analog sound provides authentic old school. This effect is sustained by wave reverberations which run into massive drones. But its not the very essence of buzzing often cut by new structure waves and cycles conjoined with field recordings." [label info]