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TROUM - Grote Mandrenke

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-lactam Ring Records mt238
Release Year: 2012
Note: 2nd part of the POWER ROMANTIC trilogy after 'Mare Idiophonika' - back in stock! - "an aural hallucination on the events that occurred January 15-17, 1362 at the Friesian North Sea coast" - GROTE MANDRENKE is an oceanic & waving, but also dramatic & mournful journey symbolizing the nature's dominion over man; one long track in 5 movements, comes in oversized gatefold-cover; LAST COPIES - LABEL INACTIVE
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"Available June 20th, 2012 as a first edition of 1000 copies in a custom made book bound gatefold sleeve and full color insert. Grote Mandrenke is definitely a Troum with a view. The title refers to a massive Atlantic storm that killed upwards of 25,000 Europeans in the mid 14th century (about a decade after the plague showed up. HOORAY!). Troum, of course, bathe their devastating subject in swelling waves of melodic drone and sea-walls of sound. Appropriately, Grote Mandrenke is cinematic and melancholy; anthemic and brooding, and distinctly shoegaze, but in a way that you can look up, and you still see shoes. And bodies, floating in a foamy miasma of silted water and fish guts. In fact, this should be on a label called 5AD, because this is one awesomer. Buzzsaw ambience and measured percussive breaths comprise a perfect soundtrack for nature's dominion over man." [label info]

"An aural hallucination on the events that occurred January 15-17, 1362 at the Friesian North Sea coast. This is the studio-version of a live event performed throughout 2008 & 2009, with live-visuals by Brian Traylor. First live performance: Antwerp (BE), Jan 26, 2008 at Nuit & Brouillard festival. Last live performance: Torun (PL) March 27, 2009 at CocArt festival. Final mix: May 2011
Thanks to Chris McBeth & Brian Traylor. Special thanks to Gse S. Schierloh & Bernd Hollendiek who provided us with the main basic material - by fortunate coincidence they met already in 1993 and played (Gse) & recorded (Markow C.) the material which made this release possible. All artwork by Jesse Peper jessepeper.com. Layout and design by chris.
This is the second part in the "Power Romantic" series." [credits]