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VULTURE CLUB - Live young, die fast and leave an exquisite Corpse

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Utech Records URCD004
Release Year: 2007
Note: minimal guitar-noise drone radiating overtunes, somewhere between EARTH, FEAR FALLS BURNING and N, but more distorted... project from US with first album, lim. 500
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"Released: January 20, 2007. Recorded: July-September, 2006. Amps-gtrs-programming by Thomas Lee. 'The guitar is not dead. It is still humming and I believe in it. Copper wound is copper wound, today and yesterday. Magnets are magnetic, today and yesterday. Wood is wooden, today and yesterday. Electricity is electric, today and yesterday. These things shift in their own time and on their own basis. They are not forced and in my own capacity, I do not force them. The editor's role is Advocate. The rattle you hear, that is the energy and the idea. It is not all mine and it is not all theirs and it is not all yours. But it is all ours.' 'There was darkness before there was light, I guess. We live in between. Name is Thomas Lee born somewhere and will die somewhere too currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. I reside here because neighbors are not so close and most of them are old and deaf already. Downtown where the hipsters are, I can walk amongst them and no one knows about the amps and guitars. No need to scream about the weirdness because I am invisible and alive they let me walk fast and away. These are my people is one way or another and I refuse to belong to them. Live Young, Die Fast and Leave an Exquisite Corpse. I can't explain it any better than that." [label info]