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GALBRAITH, ALASTAIR & MATT DE GENNARO - Long wires in dark Museums

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Emperor Jones ej39cd
Release Year: 2002
Note: three long tracks recorded at two different galeries / museums in New Zealand in 1999 in total darkness, sounds made on long polished piano wires that were strung across the venue, so that the drones are coming through the vibrating walls and produce long waving overtunes; performed with additional guitar loops & violin-playing...
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"Long Wires in Dark Museums was recorded live in performance in total darkness at two concerts in New Zealands North Island. Long pieces of polished piano wire were strung across the venue, and music is made by bowing the wire with rosined hands while walking.

The room is perhaps the most important instrument, as the sounds are delivered to the listeners ears by the vibrating walls.

De Gennaro: Its not the wires themselves that make the sound, but the wall, railing or window frames at their end to which its vibrations are communicated.

Galbraith: The sound of the wires is the sound of the building.

The first song is wire with guitar loop, the second wire with Alastairs intimate violin whimpers and the final song is both players on wires, making a pure drone that envelopes the whole room. The whole disc leaves a stamp thats narcotic, not academic.

Matt De Gennaro has studied art and sound acoustics and first experimented with wire music privately in his attic in the middle 90s. Alastair Galbraith is known for both his solo work and his tenure in the improvisational outfit A Handful of Dust." [label info]