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ODA RELICTA - Lux Aeterna

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Twilight Records TW 1.89 / GH Records GH113CD
Release Year: 2011
Note: new version of a chamber requiem piece by MYKHAYIL A.SHUKH (composed 1988), arranged by OLEGH KOLYADA (FIRST HUMAN FERRO); mournful & dramatic neo-classic with a sacral atmosphere (choirs), dedicated to all children died during the 1932/33 famine in the Ukraine; lim. 200 only
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" Lux Aeterna is a chamber requiem that follows a classical arrangement with soprano, bass and tenor vocals juxtaposed with angelic chants of the Child's Choir, piano and organ passages of simple composition yet true purifying power. A collaborative release of Twilight Records and Gradual Hate Records. The CD comes in a grey/black digipak. The Requiem Lux Aeterna was originally composed by Mykhayil A. Shukh in 1988. It was premiered in Donetsk (Ukraine) in 1990/1991. The recordings took part at the festivals in Gori (Georgia) and at Vorsel Meetings (Ukraine). Re-recorded, re-engineered and re-arranged by Mykhayil A. Shukh & Olegh Kolyada at Oda Relicta HQ in 2010." [label info]