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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Twisted Knister knack 003
Release Year: 2011
Note: project of SCOTT FOUST & KARLA BORECKY (IDEA FIRE COMPANY) that was active in the 90's; this is a previously unreleased album recorded 1996 -> more song-oriented & structured but based on the same sound sources as IFC, this sounds like a mellow, at times exotic version of it; lim. 300
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"the pickle factory is karla borecky and scott foust from the idea fire company plus long-time collab-orator mike popovich. they were actice in the mid- to late-1990s and released the album our pledge on swill radio at the time. our anthems was recorded in 1996 but remained unreleased until now. the sound is somewhat similar to ifco, although within at least some sort of a song structure. the 12 pieces on the lp present themes and sketches of atmospheric musical beauty created by synths, haunting voices and guitars with percussive elements, minimal rhythms and, of course some radio static!" [label info]

"Now this was reviewed not so long ago, even when the music is much older. In Vital Weekly 699 we discussed a CDR version of this released by Scott Foust's Lessons About History. The Pickle Factory no longer exist! I wrote in Vital back then: "There have been an album and a CD, and 'Our Anthem', recorded in 1996 was supposed to be the second LP. The Pickle Factory we find Karla Borecky (keyboard, voice, tapes, synth), Scott Foust (guitar, synth, tapes, voice, radio, bass) and Mike Popvich (bass, voice, drums, percussion, radio, guitar, keyboard). Idea Fire Company plus a guest? Hardly. In all the various bands Foust is (or was) involved in, there is always a distinct sound of its own. The Pickle Factory might be called 'popmusic': rhythm machines, a nice bass line and additional sounds to go along in order to form a short song, rounded off like a song, as opposed to a 'piece'. True, also The Pickle Factory can play a bit of droney mood music, but not with the long curves as is usually
with Idea Fire Company. A damn fine varied record of experimental music. Which brings up the question: why wasn't this excellent record never properly released on a LP?" That answer can not be given, as there is so much great music out there which is never properly released in any format, but the good news is that 'Our Anthems' is now released by Germany's Twisted Knister (best known from their business card CDR releases in cigarette boxes) and quite rightly so. Even after fifteen years this remains great music. It sounds as fresh as it was back then, and so we can still wonder: why wasn't this properly released on a LP before, say in 1997? Thank god for fine small labels like Twisted Knister and their persistence to release such fine music." [FdW/Vital Weekly]