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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Studio Forum mvforum
Release Year: 2011
Note: a very strange musical journey, with tape & collage-elements and deep drone parts, multi-layered and sensual overflooding, sometimes extreme with much voice-material.. the first part is called "Before death, they yell", the second "After death, the soul flies".... remarkable Russian-French file-exchange collaboration, if you're looking for something unusual...
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"This is the mail collaboration realized after Lt.C's trip to Russia few years ago. In St-Petersbourg, he was sharing the stage with the local project Bardoseneticcube, which is one of the most important and long running experimental music outfit in Russia. After returning to France, Lt.C and Igor Bardo/BSC found common interests in soundwork, sending the files to each other and re-processing them. The result was this collaborative CD, released by Studio Forum and distributed by Monochrome Vision." [label info]


"Last week we reviewed in these pages a CD by Igor Potsukaylo, who is otherwise known as Bardoseneticcube. His works can be easily classified as drone music, so its quite a surprise to find a CD of him together with Philippe Blanchard, otherwise known as Lieutenant Caramel. Perhaps not the most active composer in the field of musique concrete, but with a distinct style of his own. Long sustaining sounds versus cut-up: how does that work out? Actually quite nice. I had my doubts about it, despite liking what both do in their own field, but these nine compositions tie both ends together in a nice way. Its hard to say who does what here, which I guess is a compliment. There are lots of electro-acoustic sounds, from either field recordings as well as objects, which are chopped up, but also looped around to retain that sustaining drone like character. I must admit that my attention faded a bit after a while. I thought that seventy-two minutes of this kind of demanding musique concrete was all a bit too much to take in at once. The whole second piece, track nine on the CD, lasting twenty-four minutes is were I dropped out. Otherwise, in smaller doses, a great CD." [FdW/Vital Weekly]