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FACTOR X - 022

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision mv36
Release Year: 2011
Note: MONOCHROME VISION, the label of Moscow-based writer & concert organizer DMITRY VASILYEV, manages it to put light on almost forgotten and true undergroundish acts from the cassette-scene of the 80s and 90s; FACTOR X from the UK was active in the scene and known for rough hometaping experiments, this CD contains recordings from that time..
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"factor X started in June 1983 in Paignton as a conceptual music project by Shaun Robert. He started doing music around 1979, unclear when play turned into something abit deeper, or pretentious, depending on your point of view. The first tape was an object, a cassette shell lacquerd in shiny globs of black paint, a piece of immoveable tape glued as in to play, it was played at full volume, the machines noise was a thing beating you up on a winter's day. The second tape by factor X was a cassette covered thickly with black gloss enamel paint, titled "E.T.A." (experimental tape art), the original tape was in lopsided stereo, but at some point I recorded it off into mono, the side A had a uncomfortable loop of french radio, with more Casio keyboard sounds farted through various speakers. Since then, a lot of tapes were released, on labels like Drahtfunk Products, Schimpfluch, SPH, Jeremy Bamber Tapes, BV Tapes, Intransitive Recordings and Old Europa Cafe. The collaborative CD with TAC and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock was published by Harsh Dept. in 1996, it has been quiet for many years, but now Shaun Robert emerged again with some new projects like Mutant Beatniks etc. It's a good time to remember his old and quite obscured recordings from the 80s!" [label info]