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ROCCHETTI, CLAUDIO - Every Live is a Problem solving

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1147
Release Year: 2011
Note: four live-recordings (2006-2010) by this Italien composer and improviser working with all kinds of mainly analogue & mechanical sound sources (vintage records, radios, old instruments) to create hard to pin down acoustic landscapes; member of 3/4HADBEENELIMINATED
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"A suggestive gallery of abstract images, confused fragments of life and real living experiences, sights of urban landscapes... Noisy and electronic interferences, mechanical machines movements, concrete noises, low frequences fluxes, hissing sounds, interferences, but also melodic acoustic guitar pieces, human voices and other field recordings... A brave, uncompromising and heterogeneous "decomposed" mosaic of avantgarde sound art beyond time, beyond any point of view and any geometric coordinates." [label info]


"The final new release on Silentes is by Claudio Rocchetti, whose name I spelled wrong before, but who is also a member of 3/4Hadbeeneliminated and as such someone I like. He had various solo releases (see Vital 474, 624 and 629), which hovered on all the edges of music: very quiet, very loud, using a variety of sound sources: cassettes, turntables, objects and sound effects. I am not sure why Rocchetti choose to release a live album, which is, effectively, one unreleased piece, and three that have been released before. So the unreleased one is from 2010, the others from 2006 (1) and 2008 (2). It shows, and that is great, the development of Rocchetti: the Brussels concert is quite a careful outing for electronics, low end sound, maybe even something that sounds like a guitar. Occasionally bursting out into a more noise oriented direction. An excellent piece. The 'Berlin 2006' is an early blast of noise, whereas the two 2008 pieces are more raw shaped drone excursions, which already hint to the 2010 style, but isn't quite there yet. These are however fine pieces too. I think they were released on cassette before, so its good to have these in CD quality. Delicate music needs a better medium!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]