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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Geometrik Records GR 2117
Release Year: 2010
Note: re-issue of album from 1993 (Linea Alternativa) now available ! re-mastered, 4p. booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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"Geometrik presents the reissues, remastered from the original tapes, of three classical E.G. records sold out for more than fifteen years: SHEIKH ALJAMA, ARISPEJAL ASTISARO, and NADOR. They were recorded between 1987 and 1989, an especially interesting period where the unique and characteristic rhytmic-industrial EG style, developed along the eighties, turns more minimalistic, schematic, cold and rough, with sporadic influences of arabic musics and rhythms. They are released in digipack for the first time, with complete new design, and include a 4 page booklet. ARISPEJAL ASTISARO was firstly published in 1993 by the label Lnea Alternativa, with tracks recorded during 1988 and 1989. The reissue is from a new digital remaster with a vastly improved sound. A.A. includes 10 tracks recorded in 1987-88 that constitutes the perfection of the eighties E.G. sound in all its aspects, included the voice of Arturo Lanz. Agressive siderurgical hammering ("Jari", "Arispejal astisaro"), mechanized tribalism ("Felacion", "Bi bajin"), hypnotic spirals ("Catare")...Recorded in Palma de Mallorca.Mixed in Almachriti Studio (Melilla-Spain/Africa) by Chibril Ben-Ysuf." [label info]