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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Earth Ear ee9052
Release Year: 2000
Note: older work of DOUGLAS QUIN, known for his fantastic field recordings, in collaboration with DAVID ROTHENBERG and other musicians; a kind of "earth Jazz" is created, using melodies from various cultures, groovy & exotic !
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"David Rothenberg, an innovative musician and acclaimed environmental writer joins composer and sound artist, Douglas Quin, 'the Audubon of audio'. Together, they blend the indigenous energy of the world's primal cultures with the exploratory spirit of improvisation, in a musical adventure built around and within the powerful soundscapes of a living earth. Rather than simply echoing the tones of nature's voices, this 'earth jazz' moves from a deeper resonance, attuned to the ways nature moves, ebbs and flows. There are echoes of Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Scandinavian, and North African melodies, with an ECM-like tone of atmospheric virtuosity; these grooves seem to represent momentary glimpses of conversations that have no real beginning or end. Rothenberg's sensual woodwinds and the fluid support of Russ Gold on percussion and Bill Douglass on bass and flutes complement Douglas Quin's soundscapes with a sensitivity and flair that makes clear that this is music that includes, rather than imitates, nature...The result is an invigorating blend of exotic textures and deep heart that speaks equally to lovers of world music, jazz, and the vibrant sound of our wild surrounding world." [label info]