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TORTURING NURSE - Il Comunismo doveva morire

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mind Flare Media MFM003
Release Year: 2010
Note: probably the most radical & extreme harsh noise group from China (Shanghai) with a 73min. one-tracker filled with devastating & brutal noise-attacks; one of their few fabric-pressed CDs that are currently available !! ... sounds like "MERZBOW & MASONNA doing an album together in one sitting while killing each other" (Arkus) - LAST COPY!
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"il comunismo doveva morire is Torturing Nurse's first Mind Flare Media release. Absolutely devastating, this album is one single track running almost an hour and fourteen minutes long. The band suddenly breaks in from nowhere and immediately begins an assault on your ears, suddenly switching and transitioning to a variety of different power electronics landscapes. The artwork sums it up well, a symbolic representation of a dead politicial system. The back features similar art taken from famous propaganda and manipulated, ending with more political imagery inside and a CD that rests upon a pile of skulls. Without a doubt the harshest thing these guys have ever done. This stuff is powerful and not for the faint of hearing." [label info]


"Why noise from Japan was spectacularly good was that noise as miss-appropriation of western music in post war Japan was where miss-appropriation of the west was paramount, removal of tradition in favor of day glo Elvis's Whiskey made from genuine Scottish grapes and school girls in tartan mini skirts." . discuss.. Or why miss-appropriation has now firmly shifted to China might be the explanation of the ability of Torturing Nurse to take over the incoherence of noise from the great masters of Japan, and that in there inconsequential screaming, noise and feedback is what they do so well, whether from design, pastiche or naivety, it doesn't matter, all is symptoms without any traces, illness without disease, psychoanalysis of sanity, this is a culture which was never part of the monotheistic religions. Judaistic calling which engendered the enlightenment and guilt, Freudian Oedipus or Marxist theory ,T.N. is a superficial image, a simulacra of the west without foundation or introversion, it has nothing to attack or demolish, so is pointless, nothing to solve or cure, the name itself silly lacking any psychosis of western introversion, those bare chested lot who miss mommy, no this is noise as noise for noise from noise and nothing else besides, and 74 minutes which is never enough. All those blokes in Texas half drunk on Budweiser with their effects pedals, guitars and toys should take a listen and weep, no not weep, too much weeping already, maybe then get washed have a shave and get a job at HMV in the local mall, or else take up the dizi, sheng, paigu, paixiao, guan, erhu, zhonghu, dahu, banhu, jinghu, gaohu, gehu, yehu, cizhonghu, diyingehu, leiqin, guqin, sanxian, yangqin, guzheng, ruan, konghou, liuqin, pipa, zhu?????" [jliat/Vital Weekly]