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GIBELLO, EMMANUELLE - Labyrinthe | c104gotoN901

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Bruit Clair BC05
Release Year: 2011
Note: debut CD for this female composer and visual artist from Paris - creating highly original experimental pieces based on field recordings, new technology use & synthetic sounds, inspired also by literature; another interesting album on MATHIAS DELPLANQUEs label to discover ! Lim. 300
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"Labyrinthe (c104 goto N901) is the first official release by Emmanuelle Gibello, previously known for her live electronic performances. This record puts together works produced in various contexts. "Bamboo Cry" was recorded in 2010 for "Impronet", a project of "Cadavre Exquis" initiated by Anton Mobin for Arte Radio. "Crashtest #10" is the 10th live performance Emmanuelle gave for the "Placard Festival" (headphones sessions) in july 2002 in Paris. "Pour faire peur aux enfants dans le noir" was produced in the shape of the "Locked Out" project curated by Jean-Philippe Renoult and Dinah Bird and was initially broadcast in May 2009 for the Journe de la Cration Radiophonique. "Random Erratum" was recorded live at Le Chat Noir (Paris) in december 2009. This work is an hommage to Marcel Duchamps's "Erratum Musical", and features sounds from the 3 first pieces. The last two tracks both use the Yi King as a compositional tool.
Artwork by Dominique Blais." [label info]