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Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Bocian Records BC03
Release Year: 2011
Note: Polish percussionist working with sounds of a cymbal, has been compared to HARRY BERTOIA or MORPHOGENESIS
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"On one hand, Krakowiak's recordings should not be a surprise to those who follow his activity on the free-improv scene, after all his recordings continue to penetrate the acoustic properties of individual percussion instruments. However, when this scene is slowly moving in the blind alley of predictability, and critics increasingly yearn for newer sounds and surprising collaborations, the latest Bocian Records release is a strong contrast. First, Krakowiak deliberately departs from the hi-fi aesthetics being associated with recordings of artists applying a similar approach to the percussion instruments (such as Christian Wolfarth, Jon Mueller or Jason Khan). These two pieces, recorded without any effects or processing are the sound of a single cymbal recorded with an old cassette tape. But this is not a tribute to the trendy, lo-fi aesthetics and Hypnagogic,the imperfections and the characteristic "analog" sound is Krakowiak's goal in itself, not a postmodern game of the genre convention (which many show in recent years). Finally, precision and attention of theserecordings make me think of Harry Bertoia's sculptures, or vitality of ideas and textures of Morphogenesis. A vitality, which often is to be sought among contemporary drone music publications." [Daniel Brożek]


"One Tomas Krakowiak uses a cymbal and a stereo microphone on his 7". Both sides last exactly four minutes fifty-nine seconds, and one piece is called 'A' and the other is called 'P'. He plays the cymbal by using objects to create rotating sounds, to lift up the cymbal make it sing in overtones. Somehow I think these pieces are layered from various recordings, but of course I might be wrong. 'P' is the more droney version of the two, 'A', the more acoustic one. Both pieces aren't flawless, one hears small 'mistakes' of whatever it is to sets the cymbal to vibrate, which adds, me thinks, a nice human touch to it. Maybe all a bit too short for the format of a 7", and a 10" would have been more in place. But nice it is for sure." [FdW/Vital Weekly]