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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Constellation CST029-2
Release Year: 2004
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Wer auf osteuropische Harmonien steht, muss hier zugreifen !!
Das BLACK OX ORKESTAR ist ein Bandprojekt mit Musikern der Montrealer Szene von SILVER MOUNT ZION, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPOROR und SACKVILLE, das seit 1999 besteht und osteuopische & jdische Klezmer-Musik mit Indie-Rock und FreeJazz-Einflssen verbindet. Lyrics werden auf Jiddisch gesungen. Melancholische Leidenschaft pur!

Black Ox Orkestar is a Montreal based quartet formed in 1999
The band features:
* Thierry Amar (double-bass) (Silver Mount Zion/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor/ Molasses)
* Jessica Moss (Violin, bass clarinet) (Silver Mount Zion/ Frankie Sparo)
* Gabe Levine (clarinet, guitar) (Sackville)
* Scott Levine Gilmore (vocals, mandolin, cymbalon, drums, ecc)
(Silver Mount Zion)
The Black Ox Orkestar songs filter the traditional Klezmer tunes through punk rock and free jazz, borrowing turkish/balkan/greek idioms. They are a hypnotic blend of Eastern European songbooks along with some traditional klezmer compositions. Scott Levine Gilmore and Gabe Levine also perform in "Le Petit Theatre de l'Absolu" a political theatre and puppet show. They have toured in occupied territories and have performed in Canada and in USA, France and Spain. Nowadays Klezmer music transcends its Jewish folk roots: Balkans and blues, ancient Jewish culture and prayer and history, spirit, punk rock, and jazz all mixed together and enjoyed by people of all cultures. (Klezmer in english means "instrument of song").
The lyrics are in Yiddish and concern past and current political issues. Yiddish was the language that the Eastern European Jews brought with them when they emigrated to America. At the beginning of the 20th century there were many Yiddish language newspapers and an important Yiddish tradition in theatre. Today it's hardly used as an everyday language but has left its impact on on the speech of the American Jews.
The lyrics of the song "Toyte Goyes in Shineln" are by the poet Itzik
Feffer who belonged to the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) and was murdered by Stalin's decree in 1952.
The album is available on CD and 180g vinyl formats, each in lovely
chipboard packaging and both featuring an 8-page booklet. The front cover artwork is an ancient kabbalistic icon and the back cover is original art by Scott Levine Gilmore.
The booklet contains historical and original images, and translation for the lyrics "Ver Tanzt?" ("Who's dancing?"). On the back of the booklet is a prophetic message from Gershom Schol (one of the most famous researchers of the Jewish mystical tradition and the Kabbala) to Franz Rosenzweig (most influential figure of 20th century European and North American Judaism) dated 26 December 1926. [press release]