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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Basses Frequences BF31A
Release Year: 2010
Note: Guitar-drone collaboration by these two artists from Canada & UK; melancholic & lonely ambient landscapes, not as dark as the title suggests; lim. 400 on golden & black vinyl. Mastered by FEAR FALLS BURNING
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" DEATH presents a lonely journey of great intensity across the desert, facing inner and external elements, fatally leading to an escape for salvation. The journey is split into three tracks: Sand discovers the tough, arid and suffocating desert, as attractive as it is frightening, it surrounds you completely without compromise and there is no turning back. Furnace describes the beginning of the blistering heat and the dusty pilgrimage; the rocky landscape is mirrored by a great loneliness in which is revealed our inner demons, ready to engage a battle without mercy against your own soul. Salt depicts the comatose state of being at the tail end of the journey, disoriented and dehydrated, lost within psychedelic hallucinations, physically fighting death with little of what is left of your mind. Mastered by Fear Falls Burning.
180g vinyl with free download coupon (no CD, unfortunately) 80 black / 320 gold." [label info]