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LORIS - The Cat from Cat Hill

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Another Timbre AT21
Release Year: 2010
Note: PATRICK FARMER (objects, snare, tapes), SARAH HUGHES (zither, piano, e-bow) and DANIEL JONES (turntable, piezo discs, electronics) doing improvised dronescapes, deeply layered & with lots of crackling microdetails..
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"Patrick Farmer (objects, snare, tapes), Sarah Hughes (zither, piano, e-bow) and Daniel Jones (turntable, piezo discs, electronics). Recorded by Patrick Farmer at Middlesex University 09. Mastered by Robert Curgenven." [label info]

"Another theory here is that when musicians from the field of improvisation get together on a regular basis they might want to use a band name. I guess thats the idea here with Loris, a trio of Patrick Farmer (natural objects, e-bow snare, tapes, wood), Sarah Hughes (chorded zither, piano, e-bow) and Daniel Jones (turntable, e-bow, piezo discs, electronics). Their music is largely based on drones from the zither, snares and on the other hand each members supplies a sufficient amount of crackling sounds, from those objects and the turntable. They make an excellent combination here. The overall sound being quite densely layered, quite deep, with lots of the bass end, but with those high end crackles every now and then. Seeing this mastered by Robert Curgenven might give you a clue as to what Loris is about as there are quite some similarities between Loris and Curvengen. Great release, Id say." [FdW / Vital Weekly]