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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Selektion SHS 001
Release Year: 1994
Note: few copies back in stock of the maybe most well known CD of the legendary Swiss project by RUDOLF EBER doing "the Unlistenable" based on body-sounds and highly abstract / concrete sounds: acoustical "Aktions-Theater"; one-tracker 74+ minutes
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The legendary Swiss performance-group with an unbelievable sound-collage piece, consisting of short cracks & noise-particles, ugly screams, accordeon-glimpses, whatever...funny & fascinating at the same time.

Morx & Kotschlag" is not only the title of the CD, but also of the unique 74 min track of the acoustical "Aktions-theater". The piece includes recordings of direct body actions and abstract sounds, the latter often deriving from the first by means of an elaborated short-cut technique. [label info]