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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Low Point LP038
Release Year: 2010
Note: ghostly, subtle ambient soundtrack to the short film by JURIAAN BOOIJ, white vinyl. DAG ROSENQVIST = JASPER TX. SIMON SCOTT: ex SLOWDIVE !
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"Conformists is a soundtrack album to the short film of the same name composed by Dag Rosenqvist (aka Jasper TX) and Simon Scott.

The origin of the album occurred when Dag was approached by filmmaker Juriaan Booij to provide music for a film he was planning to shoot. Before a single frame was committed to celluloid, the overview provided to Dag was to score a film about how group mentality rules us as humans.

Equipped with only this simple brief, access to a handful of storyboard images and stills from the film set, Dag decided to ask friend and colleague Simon to collaborate on the project. Through the long-distance exchange of files, ideas and half-finished tracks, ten pieces were completed for the film score.

The resulting soundtrack is music rich in subtlety and nuance. Matching the overarching themes of the film, an undercurrent of menace is present throughout, evoking the feeling of half-forgotten memories and imagery drained of its colour.

It should be noted that one of the strengths of Conformists is that unlike many film scores, the album also works as an entity in its own right. It was uncertain for a time that the film was going to be completed. As a result of the artists creative juices flowing thick and fast, the album was completed as a collaboration based on a film they imagined would be made..." [label info]