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ARTEFACTUM - Foxglove & Bluebells

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD 143 / Ur Muzik UR005
Release Year: 2011
Note: romantic, enchanted "female" folk / drone-ambient, very lyrical & poetic, drowning into a fairy-tale world, with additional vocals by ANDREW KING and others... amazing new album by the Polish project known from the Drone Records EP "Sub Rosa" (DR-94, 2008)
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"Lie down on the soft summer grass, deep in the woods just before twilight, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter some good-natured tiny beings of pleasing appearance.
Under their spell you may want to fall asleep, but you may also want to... dance!
Being one of the very few representatives of what might be labelled as feminine ambient music, Artefactum remains the embodiment of unique characteristics: deep and warm ambient intertwined with sounds of nature, ritual bells, remote drumming and sensual vocals?
in the case of Artefactum you simply cant mistake the music for any other artists work.
Merissa dErlettes new opus Foxgloves & Bluebells has at last taken its final shape after five long years since the release of Rosarium Hermeticum ? her last full-length album. The music is richer and more varied than anything else she has ever made ? while still within the borders of ambient, the release contains at the same time a collection of beautiful songs inspired by old poetry and mysterious folklore. With wonderful guest appearances from neo-medieval THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, British folk singer ANDREW KING (Duo Noir / Sol Invictus) and neo-classical DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, Foxgloves & Bluebells is a must-have release for anyone into esoteric post-industrial music. Released in collaboration by by Old Europa Cafe and Ur Muzik as a 6 pannel digipack and limited to only 300 copies." [label info]