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ONDO - Sol

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Abgurd AB-58
Release Year: 2010
Note: very limited CDR-release from this Swedish "doom drone"-project, here more experimental & dark eerie droning.. excellent one-tracker, compared to OMENYA, RAISON D'ETRE, TROUM.. lim. 100, nice full colour sleeve
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More Info

"ONDO started in 2007 under the rule of C-J Larsgarden who had been performing under name PACTA before that. Since then the project has released several albums ranging from good to excellent. Style of the project is varying from work to work from raw Drone Doom with Industrial touch to abstract Drone Ambient with melodies and melancholy.
Sol album is filled with bells, reversed sounds, spectre piano melodies and other hissing and whistling beauty of unknown source as well as sounds of bonefires and voices from afar. The most similar projects as we see it are OMENYA, raison d'etre and, of course, some tracks of TROUM.
Format: CD-r Edition: 100 copies." [label info]