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KINETIX - Final Archives

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes Minimal Editions sme1043
Release Year: 2010
Note: archive material by this very interesting & conceptual working "sound art" & installation project from Italy (=GIANLUCA BECUZZI), partly based on XENAKIS theories
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"The final chapter for this project run by Gianluca Becuzzi well know for his old dark wave project LIMBO but also for his solo works and collaborations with Fabio Orsi. FINAL ARCHIVES is a sort of collection of rare tracks recorded from 1999 to 2006 totally reworked and remastered in 2009. From booklet notes:
ABSOLUTE GREY is the title that Kinetix gave at his graphic artwork selection exhibited with an ambient post-scoring specifically composed for the expositive space. The exhibition is made of ten grey scale serigraphies on white forex scheets (1 meter x 1 meter) and a composition of 20 minutes played through two lour speakers and one woofer covered with grey powder on top of a white cube. Absolute Grey is been presented at the sound art festival PX2_Piombino_eXperimenta_2006. RW MATERIALS is a collection of seven short tracks from the early Kinetix production. Noise gestaltmusic. A multidimensional concept created with sound layers and ambient concretism. These tracks help to the listener to understand the start point of the Kinetix sound research.
RESOUNDING SULPTURES is based on the concept of composition for blocks of sound made in 50s and 60s by Iannis Xenakis. For this reason traditional compositional criteria (harmonic-melodic / rhythmic-metric) will replace the various criteria of plastic / spatial forms. Part of the sound sources used for Resounding Sculptures were extracted from the works of Iannis Xenakis to whom this composition is dedicated." [label info]


"We land in more 'current' times with the release of 'Final Archives' by Kinetix. The first time I reviewed Kinetix it was a release called 'First Emissions' (see Vital Weekly 339). Gianluca Becuzzi was behind Kinetix, before starting to work under his own name. These pieces on 'Final Archives' (his final release as Kinetix I assume) is a collection of rare tracks recorded from 1999 to 2006, and were previously available on CDR and MP3. The music by Kinetix has nothing to do with the previous three releases, as this is all computer based microsounding music. Over the years I heard various of his releases with 'White Rooms' as a definitely landmark in his career (see Vital Weekly 503). These pieces presented here, the early days, Becuzzi was on the look out for his own take on that microsound principle, but didn't entirely made up his mind yet. Pan Sonic seems to be an all important influence on the middle work 'Rw Materials', with heavy beats, white static noise and field recordings, but in the two surrounding pieces, 'Absolute Grey' and 'Resounding Sculptures', he is already drawn towards say someone like Richard Chartier or Marc Behrens, although the latter piece is influenced by Xenakis, and its not difficult to draw a parallel to 'Persepolis': large chunks of sound and sheets of metal. 'Absolute Grey' is the most Chartier like, with soft static sounds and processed voice. This is not the final masterwork of Becuzzi, but it marks the nice end of someone who did some nice music under the name of Kinetix." [FdW/Vital Weekly]