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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Either / OAR either/4
Release Year: 2010
Note: first full collab-album by these two experimental / impro artists from the US; uniquely styled soundscapes based on field recordings and instrumental sources
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"Olivia Block: field recordings, piano, reed organ, editing and mixing. Kyle Bruckmann: oboe, English Horn, suona, accordion, field recordings, editing and mixing. Bruckmann and Block's creative relationship dates back to the recording of Block's 1999 release Pure Gaze, shortly after both artists entered into Chicago's vibrant experimental music community. Their decision to create a collaborative duo ensued, but remained in the realm of good intentions until shortly before Bruckmann's relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area. They then began playfully stockpiling sounds from a myriad of sources, collecting field material, and recording duo improvisations in various spaces using hallway intercom systems and unorthodox microphone placements, among other processes and techniques. This initial activity was followed by five years of collaborative editing, processing and mixing, resulting in the emergent expanse that is Teem." [label info]

"From Chicago, both of them: Olivia Block (field recordings, piano, reed organ, editing & mixing) and Kyle Bruckmann (oboe, English horn, suona, accordion, field recordings, editing & mixing) - the meeting of a serious composer (Block) and an improviser (Bruckmann being part of EGK, among other things). Its a combination that works well. Both ends are covered well. We hear Bruckmann's wind instruments playing strange figures, while along we have the more rigid organization of Block's field recordings and organ parts, as well as the rumble and tumble of acoustic objects. They bump and collide into eachother, attract eachother, and then move away from eachother. Four parts were recorded over a period of five years, from nervous hectic of part three to the quiet, introspective fourth part. Demanding music here, which requires your full attention. This is not music which allows you to go and do other things, but in these thirty seven something minutes you need to stay with it, and focus. Its only then when it unfolds its beauty. After that you may tired, but perhaps also, like me, utterly pleased. An excellent collaboration." [FdW / Vital Weekly]