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LA CASA, ERIC - W2 (1998-2008)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Herbal International Conrete Disc 1005-2
Release Year: 2010
Note: WATER & WIND ! 14 unreleased & rare pieces based mainly on the theme "Water & Wind", rec. 1998-2008 by the French Field Recording-Master...
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"A collection of previous released compositions and longtime sold out made between 1998 and 2008 and gather under two main theme, Water and Wind. + a few unreleased pieces. A geographic inventory, a sonic journal, a living alchemy, the pulsing of the world. With Les pierres du seuil, S'ombre, Spirale, Les oscillations, L'Inspir du rivage, Dans le feuillage du lointain, la clameur d'un bruissement, Quelque chose de cela, le dsert, L'air au fond rouge, Les aubes sont navrantes." [label info]


"Essential compilation of now hard to find material from sound artist Eric La Casa, thematically separated onto two CDs around the themes of wind and water. These pieces are just as much shaped by geography as by time itself, with each track's vocabulary varying according to what was recorded then and there.

As always La Casa masterfully crafts compelling sound stories with these two elements, emphasizing narration over some purely static documentary exercise. The sound of breezes, flowing rivers, wind tunnels, rain drops and other storms are structured but never denatured, retaining all of their organic depth and beauty. Absolutely recommended, especially to those appreciative of G*Park." [Mechanoise Labs]