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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Morc Records #56
Release Year: 2010
Note: low-fi psychfolk & ecstatic tape-loops from the ex SYLVESTER ANFANG member, first vinyl release, only 180 copies pressed !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.00

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"About Edgar Wappenhalter: Wellknown facts: Edgar Wappenhalter is Steve Marreyt, co-founder of belgian psych-rockers Sylvester Anfang, and the Funeral Folk label, and is currently working for the Kraak-label. After leaving Sylvester Anfang II last year, Steve focussed on a string of tape-releases as Edgar Wappenhalter, his psychedelic fuzzed out dronefolk act, released on labels as divers as Goaty Tapes, Cabin Floor Esoterica and Young Girls Records. On The Beach is Wappenhalter's vinyl debut. Lesser known facts: Steve debuted ten years ago on Morc, with a comp-track of his band Elo vs Saturn, and did a few EPs as John Merrick Band on Morc as well. Although Wappenhalter creates a psychedelic sound world, he uses a very straight-ahead approach. About On The Beach: Whereas Edgar Wappenhalter's earlier tapereleases focussed on either his reverb-drenched folksongs, or his ecstatic tapeloop-experiments, On The Beach brings a perfect symbiosis of these two sides of mr Marreyt.. So you can expect plenty of songs that blend shoegaze and psychfolk, or that sound like a beachparty heard from so far away that you can't tell what the DJ is playing, only that it sounds familiar and that you like it. The LP is pressed in an edition of approx. 180 copies. The jackets were silkscreened by Levi Seeldraeyers of Smeraldina-Rima. Press quotes: Music for the missing link (Digitalis Industries). A blast of righteous lo-fi psychedelic-folk, beautifully crisp around the edges and soft n squishy in the centre (Kid Shirt). Recommended if you like drone, folk, experimental singer-songwriting, ecstatic psychpop, Ariel Pink, Drekka, Fabulous Diamonds, Urdog, The Doozer." [label info]