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FINAL - The Apple never falls far from the Tree

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat tf52
Release Year: 2010
Note: new recordings from JUSTIN BROADRICKS "experimental ambient" project with some surprising tracks; lim. 300 green vinyl, gatefold-cover, excellent artwork
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €30.00

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"from grind core pioneers napalm death and industrial metal duo godflesh to the wrist slashing sadness of jesu, the twenty-odd year career of justin k. broadrick has spawned a slew of uniquely recognisable formations. despite representing his very first steps on the scene, broadricks final moniker, focusing on dark electronic soundscapes, has occasionally seemed a side thought in comparison. after putting the project to rest for almost an entire decade, final however resurfaced stronger than ever in the new millenium with a string of improvisation based works as well as a hypnotic collaboration with fear falls burning. the apple never falls far from the tree continues this gradual return to the limelight, presenting final as an act comfortably sandwiched between uncompromising sonic explorations and the most far out corners of the post rock cosmos.

conceptualised especially for the vinyl format and complemented by lasse hoiles congenial photography, broadrick has envisioned the new final full length as a classic double album, with each side based on a unique mood and compositional approach of its own: from the a sides darkly glistening, occasionally dub infused soundscapes and the harsh noise propositions of the b side to the more luminous and drone-oriented second half of the album, the apple never falls far from the tree highlights the full scope of broadricks work. most of all, it constitutes a showcase of his singular approach to the guitar, which remains firmly recognisable as the main harmonic and melodic instrument despite being sent through a colorful array of effect channels.

the diversity and experimental nature of the material notwithstanding, the apple never falls far from the tree has turned out a continuous and coherent journey, eventually culminating in a piece of pure and beguiling instrumental folk. available in three different versions, on marbled (75 copies), clear (125 copies), and green vinyl (300 copies), in a deluxe gatefold picture sleeve. the release date is october 10, 2010, and available from the tonefloat store."
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"Its been a while since I last heard Final, Justin K. Broadricks solo project, following his involvement with Napalm Death, Godflesh and Jesu (all of which were never really my cup of tea). It was in those years when Isolationism was a much used buzz word to describe music that was firmly rooted in ambient but with a noisy edge. Final, along with say Lull, was a project in which the guitar played an all important role. Broadrick didnt use the name Final for nearly ten years but now picked it up again, and recorded this 2LP, especially for this format. Its like going back to something that you havent done in ages, but it still feels conformable. Although I expected four LP sides with a piece each, this is quite the contrary. The pieces are rather short, a few on each side, and each side has its own character. The harsher, analogue synthesizer like sounds are on the b-side, while the a-side is much more mellow, rhythmic even, certainly towards the end. The first record seems to be all electronic, synth based, but the second is all about guitars and effects. Broadrick strums away, while his effects pick up the signals and create long form, sustaining patterns with that. The isolationist music in optima forma (a fine reminder to play that double CD on Virgin again also, come to think of it). As such it seems nothing happened but maybe thats of less importance: the music is still great. An excellent return. Hopefully more to come!"
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