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LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Untitled single piece 1

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-22
Release Year: 1996
Note: music like being underwater, deepest possible drones, an experiment for your mind & body!
Warning: The album is sold out!

More Info

first edition:
white vinyl, ultra-violet stamped label,
stamped white covers, 250 copies
released December 1996

second edition:
white vinyl, stamped covers, 300 copies

"This is more than just two musical pieces on a record! This is something experiment for your mind & body! This is like being underwater, experiencing a new acoustic dimension! Francisco Lopez from Madrid is a scientist
and sound-researcher who has been culturally active since 1983. He has released lots of cassettes in the 80's and now begins to release more and more work, also on cd's. His works are more conceptual and cognitive experiences
than conventionally approached music. This unique piece of work consists of ultra-deep frequencies that can -nearly- not be heard anymore but felt! It's the first part of a
4 e.p.- series (others will appear on banned prod., cohort records and povertech industries, all usa) to be released this and next year. This music manifests for a unique sensual
experience! "this donisis will change your view on what music could be!" [label info]