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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: VHF Records #11
Release Year: 1993
Note: back in stock the first phenomenal album by the fuzzy dream-drone psychedelia band from Bristol, UK
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"1993 debut from Dave Pearce, with the assistance of Rachel Brook and Matt Elliot (aka Third Eye Foundation), which in retrospect is still the touchstone for the whole Bristol "scene" that emerged shortly thereafter. Roughly a blend of half "songs" and half far-out instrumental doodles, the record builds an atmosphere of dour beauty that sustains itself over the course of the entire program, no small thing. "My Dreaming Hill," "Wish," and "The Season Is Ours" are couched in fuzz and whispery reverb, but are beautiful and accessible tunes, able to stand on their own in any context. "Popol Vuh 1" and "Popol Vuh 2" are straight up tributes to the now much better known German masters, steeping in the hushed atmosphere of the best PV records (if not exactly the sound). The jarring cover of "The Drowners" is a strange interlude in the middle of the otherwise very cosmic second half, but most people seem to like it, so what do I know? 10 tracks, 50 minutes." [label info]