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RABELAIS, AKIRA - Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ritornell RIT 05
Release Year: 1999
Note: ONE NEW copy in stock, cover looks a bit grabbed (as it was no sealed), but CD is unplayed!
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“We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram” “Seperateness is an illusion”. AKIRA RABELAIS, ein Anhänger der holographischen Theorie (beruft sich auf DAVID BOHM, KARL PRIBRAM und STANISLAV GROF), spiegelt mit seiner Musik das “fundamental something” hinter allen Dingen, das, was alles zusammenhält...

"Rabelais has collected his own electronic compositions on Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid, a self-produced, limited edition CD, where he gingerly teases out the tissues of surface noise in a similar vein to the likes of Terre Thaemlitz, Achim Wollscheid and Mego's Rehberg & Bauer. But simply because he insists on placing individual clarity of vision at the center of the creative process, rather than be enslaved and driven by the technological toys and tools of the day, he will always remain a liberating remove from any definable 'scene'." [Rob Young, The Wire]