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WICKED MESSENGER - Officium Nocturnum

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Plague Recordings 017 / 018
Release Year: 2010
Note: FOURTH album by the German project with dark monolithic otherworldy dronescapes, visionary & dense
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.00

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"Each disc has its own catalog number, Plague 017 & Plague 018, and is housed separately in smartly designed cardboard jacket.
Do not file under dark ambient.
1-1. Movement I (27:38)
1-2. Movement II (26:57)
2-1. Movement III (51:27)" [label info]

"Some important dates and facts ...

539 bc: Cyrus II The Great concurs Babylon.
June 11th 323 bc: Alexander The Great dies.
64: Saint Peter dies in Rome.
June 8th, 632: Mohammed dies in Medina.
April 2, 747: Charles The Great is born in Herstal.
November 10th, 1483: Luther is born in Eisleben.
June 22nd, 1812: Napoleon declares war to Russia.
1913: Luigi Russollo introduces his "Intonorumori" to the world.
1959: Ornette Coleman releases The Shape Of Jazz To Come on Atlantic.
1986: Hellbastard releases their Ripper Crust demo.
March 2010: Wicked Messengers double CD Officium Nocturnum is released on Plague Recordings.
2013: The BBC broadcasts a documentary about undercover reporters that have filmed in dark rooms, watching 70 year old Catholic priests doing a bizarre occult ritual. Is it drugs? Is it a spiritual experience? Is it a religious experience? Questions that are not asked by the reporter but are asked by the music that accompanies this documentary. Music that makes you start to think about what is and what is not. The kindergarten-version of this documentary uses Sunn O)))'s Monoliths & Dimensions as soundtrack. The adult version of the documentary uses Officium Nocturnum as soundtrack.
2023: Vinyl-on-demand releases a Wicked Messenger 6XLP box.
3078: The human race is exterminated.

That's it folks."


"A new direction for Mr Messenger, evocative of medieval europe, the inquisition, dark monasteries, fire, torture and death. Followed by cataclysm, disaster and doom. It is intriguing, unsettling and hypnotic all at the same time and I really enjoy it.

New sound elements are very welcome such as church bells, monk chanting etc as well as the general mass destruction we have come to enjoy from WM. I was surprised by the spoken word section on the second movement but fascinated by the dark tones from a sacred text.

I'm glad that WM has continued to produce excellent work and it is a departure from the last album Vision Rites, showing that there is continued innovation in the areas of deep dark horror soundscapes and Grand Ambient.

(B.L.Underwood, UK)