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M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) - Mectpyo - Blut

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Marquis Records MART.006
Release Year: 2010
Note: re-issue of very first (private) M.B. cassette release from 1980; comes in stunning gatefold cover, lim. 300 red vinyl; 4 long tracks, back in stock last copies!! - *This release marks the transition from using the name Sacher Pelz to M.B. and was his first official release as M.B....in each of these pieces MB plays around with some low fidelity means, such as spinning records by hand and taping them to reel-to-reel machines, cutting them into crude loops and playing around with these...*
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More Info

"2LP in gatefold sleeve. Edition of 300 copies. At the beginning of the metabolic year 1980, after Maurizio Bianchi finished the embryonal experience as Sacher-Pelz, he decided to undertake the concrete-synchronized course as M.B., a long-lived acronym that will accompany him along his next way of neuro-synthetic experimenter. His first ever release was the private cassette-tape entitled 'Metcpyo-Blut'. An hematopoietic experiment decomposed during the months of March and beginning of April 1980 at Mectpyo Studio. Proposed here in its original layout, this 2LP set holds intact, at a distance of almost three decades, the epicentre of M.B. sonorous universe, projected towards an euphonic cacophony. 'Mectpyo-Blut' consists of two tragic sections imbued with synthetic chloroform: the 1st, 'Maidanek Bakterium-Musique Belzec', exhales an icy atmosphere conveying a sense of mystery and annihilation. The 2nd, 'Mutant Brain-Mord Banhof' assembled the most disparate electro-hypnotic levitation's into a vertical rationality, bold, morbid and haunting. Psychic-cerebral works, they seem to spring from a neuro-atomic continent, with unreal outlines, where its influence artificially expands the ankylotic tissues by environmental arthrosis. Edition limited to 300 copies in full colour gatefold sleeve, reproducing various graphic materials from the original cassette edition. Attention: this is the real thing, top powerful and modern in its integral length (and not a meaningless edited excerpt as other unexperienced labels in demand would have cheaply proposed you!)." [label info]