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TEMPLE MUSIC - Gamma - Cadney - All Saints

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Shining Day SHINE 09
Release Year: 2008
Note: third in the GREEN MAN PROJECT series; hand made (painted) sleeve, hand-screened discs, only 50 made!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.00

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"The third in the seven album GREEN MAN series from TEMPLE MUSIC (ALAN TRENCH (ORCHIS, CUNNAN, S.Q.E., TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS) & STEPHEN ROBINSON (THE BELOVED)) opens with sinister bursts of (dis)harmony from the vintage String Machine underpinned by brooding bass and highlighted by tense yet liquid guitar... as the piece build, the mood lifts and becomes more rhythmic until a veil lifts on a crystalline vision of chiming bells and harmonised lyre; distant flutes play far away... again, this new vision builds, ebbs, flows... making way for a beautiful circular guitar and organ duet... this resolves into a song of yearning and loss with vocals by TRACY JEFFERY (ORCHIS, SQE) that seems to encapsulate all that has gone before; the final playout is both sad and elegiacal...
Once again TEMPLE MUSIC continue on their seven step journey; this third on the path shows an evolving series of spectacular depth ...

Once again, this comes as an extremely limited Art Edition; a beautiful handmade package, with individually painted and hand-blocked outer sleeve and complementary inner sleeve and, once again, PLEASE NOTE that this is a NEW and RE-MASTERED EDITION that has a depth and tonality missing from the now totally unavailable Woven Wheat download version and is exclusive to this SHINING DAY release.

This is what TEMPLE MUSIC have written about the album:
This recording is the third part of a continuing series of seven long pieces inspired and informed by different Green Man locations in the county of Lincolnshire, England. This volume is based upon a lonely and tree encircled location, the air tumbling with the black tatters of rooks - the once important All Saints church of Cadney Cadney sits in the wide clay valley of the river Ancholme a couple of miles south of Brigg (named after the bridge across the river). The suffix ey gives the clue to its history, meaning isle and before drainage schemes and the channelling of the Ancholme this was indeed an island in the midst of fresh and saltwater marshes and was ceded (under the name Ruckholme) to St Gilbert, founder of the Gilbertine Order, some time in the 12th century. Here he built Newstede priory where he lived until his death in 1189.

Based closely on the Cistercian order, the Gilbertine rule was austere, based on manual labour farming. The son of a Norman baron and an English woman, Gilbert was ideally placed to bridge the cultural gap, and here, on the island in the darkness of the marshes between Lincoln Edge and the Wolds, in the Norman church of All Saints he could hardly have failed to notice the pagan survival that watched over the congregation; the Green Man. Modern Cadney is peaceful (if not entirely somnolent); the priory now a farm, the Ancholme now slow flowing and calmly channelled under the vastness of the arching sky. Here the past seems distant, unfocussed; the present hardly here at all, the landscape dreaming under the cloth of fields and woods. Although the work of Gilbert - and almost the memory of him - are nearly erased by time, the Green Man lives on.
SR & AT, 11.11.08 ev, Lincolnshire

On this piece, Temple Music were:
Tracy Jeffery Voice : Stephen Robinson Bass, String Machine, Synths, Lapp Frame Drum, Cithara
Alan Trench Guitars, Tibetan Bells, Sequencer, Synths, Lyre, Whistles, Mongolian One String Fiddle Treatment
www.myspace.com/templemusick" [full label info]