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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Shining Day SHINE 06
Release Year: 2007
Note: folk- & psychedelia influenced mystic drone-ambience by this band feat. ALAN TRENCH (known from 12000 DAYS with MARTYN BATES), lim. 300 lovely cover, recommended!!
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"Temple Music return to the themes first set out in Volume One Ц that the Olympian Gods of ancient Greece can still walk amongst us - in their superb new album, Volume Two. In the years intervening, Temple Music have evolved - via some stunning live shows and the Songs Of Absolution album, as well as the explorations of sonic possibilities in the ongoing Green Man series - into a unique acoustic/electronic/experimental/mythic band, and each of the six tracks on this new collection displays a different facet of their sound. Key personnel continue to be Stephen Robinson and Alan Trench, joined here by Julie Brackenbury and Tracy Jeffery. Using old analogue synths, delicately plucked and blown acoustic instruments and an acute musical sensibility that melds together seemingly disparate elements into a visionary whole, Temple Music create mesmeric and awe-inspiring soundscapes; for invocation and contemplation; for navigation through the dreaming backwaters of the aeons; and for the starlit times that shiver in the spaces between - intense and atmospheric, shifting and hypnotic . As you would expect from Temple Music and Shining Day, this new collection comes in a wonderfully evocative package; a foldout full colour wallet from original artwork by Alan Trench printed on heavyweight textured stock and cased in a protective wallet. Edition of 300 copies." [label info]