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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kaosthetik KSTK 008
Release Year: 2009
Note: "claustrophic ritual ambient" from France; debut-album... *a psychic course with ethereal and nightmarish appearances* - original first ed.
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"3 panel digisleeve
Claustrophobic Ritual Ambient
[8 songs for 44 mn]

Soundtrack of mind's fluctuations, Treha Sektori exposes a psychic course with ethereal and nightmarish appearances. The role alloted to the voices gives actually, a theatrical and horrific inflection with unit but fixed in the abstract. Only tangible line : a work of layers carrying a true mystery, a cinematic oppression. Beginning at the end of the test, "Sorieh" gives the impression of living then a fall, slow, course of limbs, rustles and fogs which more make us fear that, with the end, one will discover, rather than the shock with some object floating not identified, mineral or organic. No the shock not. A bottleneck of throllings. (D-SIDE Magazine Ц Fr)" [label / website info]